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An Historical March to the Holy Temple Mount Conducted on Chanukah 2017 With Prayer

Israel and the Faithful Movement Salutes President Trump and America and Prays: "G‑d Bless America!" The Security Forces of Israel Prepare Themselves to Halt Any Arab Riots Against the Marchers of the Faithful Movement and Other Riots in Reaction to the Historical Declaration of President Trump:

  1. We Will Share the Appreciation and Blessings of the G‑d and People of Israel, the Faithful Movement and Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of the G‑d and People of Israel, and Salute President Trump and America for His Recent Jerusalem Declaration.
  2. We Will Call to the Government of Israel to Immediately Fulfill the Heritage of the Maccabees and to Remove, Like the Maccabees, the Enemy From the Holy Temple Mount, to Purify It and to Build the Third Holy Temple.

On Chanukah, Kislev 25, 5778, Wednesday, December 13, 2017, a major holiday among the Jewish people in Israel and around the world, the Faithful Movement will march to the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem. We will meet at 10:30 am [3:30 am EST] at the biblical Jaffa Gate and march along the Maccabean route through biblical Jerusalem to G‑d's Holy Mountain. “Whoever is with G‑d will come with us!” Everyone is invited to participate in this march and you will be welcomed with open hearts.

Chanukah menorah
Chanukah menorah
The Chanukah Holiday commemorates the great miracle of 167-165 bce when the G‑d of Israel and His people Israel defeated and judged the Greek Empire, the greatest world power at that time, by a small minority of Jewish Maccabees who fought against a great majority of the Seleucid-Greeks. This major godly event happened during the time when the Greek Empire controlled the Land of Israel. The Grecian-Syrian king, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, placed a pagan idol in the Holy of Holies of the Jewish Temple on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem and forced the people of Israel to eat swine and accept the pagan Hellenistic faith and culture. It was a terribly critical moment in the history of Israel. The goal of the Greeks was to change the identity of Israel and to cause the Jewish people to adopt the Hellenistic faith and culture like the other people and countries in the Greek Empire.

This was the moment when the Jewish priest in Modi'in, Mattityahu the Hasmonean, made his historical call to the Jewish people throughout Israel: “Whoever is with G‑d will come with me!” He and his five sons started the Maccabean revolt that saved the existence and the identity of the Jewish people. Their successful revolt stopped the encroaching Hellenists in their attempt to assimilate and eliminate the biblical and holy identity, faith and culture that G‑d gave to His people Israel. This great godly miracle happened when the Almighty G‑d of Israel fought together with the Maccabees, led their revolt and helped them attain the greatest victory over the powerful Greek Empire. The Jewish minority defeated the great Greek majority at that time!

The Faithful Movement, who was commissioned by the G‑d of Israel to inherit the role of the Maccabees during our generation, will march to the Holy Temple Mount during the upcoming Chanukah 2017 holiday. It will be an historical march to proclaim the need to immediately make the heritage of the Maccabees a reality in our current godly time of redemption in Israel. We will give honor, respect, and glory to the G‑d of Israel, the G‑d Who has given during our lifetime, like in biblical times, victory upon victory over so many Arab and Islamic enemies and countries who never ceased from their goal to destroy Israel. Israel's Arab and Islamic enemies, like the Greek Empire, want to remove the Jewish faith, identity and culture from the Holy Land of Israel.

In eight wars during the last 70 years since the rebirth of Israel in the year 1948 ce, G‑d has defeated the many enemies of Israel like in the time of the Maccabees. Israel always the minority against huge Arab-Islamic majorities. G‑d has consistently fulfilled His promise to Israel: 'Together with me, you will be the majority and all of your enemies the minority'. Additionally, G‑d is even judging many nations in the world who are giving support to the enemies of His people Israel. He continues the process of end-time redemption among His people.

During this historical point in time in the redemption of Israel, the Faithful Movement will march along the same route as did the Maccabees in order to call the government of Israel to immediately fulfill the heritage of the Maccabees to remove, like the Maccabees, the enemy from the Holy Temple Mount, to purify it and to build the Third Holy Temple.

During this special and historic Chanukah march, the Faithful Movement will share deepest appreciation, blessings and love of the G‑d and People of Israel, The Faithful Movement and Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital Of Israel, to America. The Faithful Movement will salute President Trump and the United States for his remarkable and historic “Jerusalem Declaration”. Beginning at the biblical Jaffa Gate on the route of the Maccabees and in front of the location of The Holy Temple Mount and the Holy Of Holies, we shall pray with deep gratitude to the G‑d of Israel for the great miracle that He performed in front of the eyes of the entire world by this 'Holy Jerusalem Declaration'. We shall pray to the G‑d of the Universe: “Bless America And Her Great President, Donald Trump!” G‑d will continue to bless America and her president for standing with His People Israel with such extraordinary love.

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

An Urgent Call For Help!

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers of Zion and Israel,

At this very special and most critical time, the Faithful Movement is urgently calling everyone of you to stand, help and support the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement in her historical, godly and public campaign and work. More than any time in the past, the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement needs your help and support. Together with the G‑d of Israel and you, we can bring to pass our common vision and fulfill G‑d's expectations from all of us during these special end-time days in which we live. We have not enough words to tell you how much we appreciate each one of you and how much gratitude we have as you stand with us and with Israel to help especially during this crucial time when it is so needed and when so much more work is expected to be completed.

The building of the Third Holy Temple, where the Shekina of G‑d will dwell in the Holy of Holies among His people Israel and the entire world, will allow the people of Israel to fulfill their godly task to be a biblical nation that fulfills it's mandated biblical mission. This will change the face of the entire world when G‑d reigns again from His Holy Temple in Jerusalem. You are the precious pioneers of this great godly time that is soon to come. Your financial help assists us in the completion of our holy work which will continue far more intensively in the future than at any time in the past. You will have a major holy part in this great godly end-time event. Your dedicated and loyal help gives us the ability to move forward with our active campaign and it will, especially now, allow us to complete our holy task during the upcoming days when our expenses will grow even greater. With immense gratitude, we thank you for your help! You will always be remembered in the annals of history that will describe this special, unique and great period of preparations for the Third Holy Temple of G‑d. Thank you for standing so devotedly with the Temple Faithful Movement in a time when it is very much needed. We love you and deeply appreciate you.

We also want to sincerely thank every one of our dear brothers and sisters who already help, stand and support our holy work. We can not imagine how we could accomplish our godly mission without you. May the G‑d of Israel bless all of you. We deeply appreciate and love you and we are standing hand-in-hand with you in praise and honor to the Almighty G‑d of Israel.

Donations can be made by personal check or 'Bank' money orders (not Post Office money orders). Please see our donation information for further details.

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

Help support our work!

The campaign of the Faithful Movement continues to incur many expenses, even more than at any time in the past. Everyone is called to share in the responsibility and to help us financially to fulfill our major historical and godly mission. What a great privilege it is to be a part of the greatest end-time godly cause ever!

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement wants to deeply thank her members, friends, and loyal supporters all over the world that stand with, help, and support the Movement. We can not even imagine how we could do this holy work without this help and encouragement. May the G‑d of Israel continue to bless these precious people.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement will continue with our godly campaign and holy work. We shall proceed intensively to serve the G‑d of Israel with all of our hearts and devotion to build His Holy Temple on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem and to bring to pass all of His end-time prophetic plans for Israel and the entire world. And G‑d will be with us! Everyone is called to stand, encourage, help and support the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement in her holy campaign to bring to pass this major godly end-time vision in the lifetime of our generation together with our wonderful and devoted friends in Israel and all over the world.

Everyone is called to help the Faithful Movement in her holy campaign. Together with G‑d we can do it! Let us join hand-in-hand and unite to accomplish this privileged holy work and assuredly the G‑d of Israel will be with us.

We invite everyone to encourage, stand with, and support the Temple Mount Faithful Movement, allowing her to accomplish her holy work at this critical time when it is so needed. Please see our donation information.