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The 5769/2008 Hanakkah March of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement

In a very critial time in the history of Israel — a time of terror in which 1.5 million Muslims are striving to destroy Israel in order to stop the endtime events currently taking place — the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement lit the Hanukkah menorah in front of the Hulda Gate of the Temple Mount for the first time in 1,938 years.

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The cermony at Modi'in in front of the tombs of the Maccabbees.

On Sunday (1 Tevet 5769/December 28, 2008), the seventh day of Hanukkah, the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement held their traditional Hanukkah march, starting in Modi'in, the village of the Maccabees, and ending in biblical Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount. It was a very exciting event, another step toward the great moment when the Temple will soon be rebuilt.

This march of the Faithful Movement took place at a very critical time in the history of Israel. Once again Israel is being attacked by tens of missiles each day from Gaza. The area being bombed covers the southern cities and villages of Israel. It is part of the campaign devised by the Arab and Islamic countries to destroy Israel and to stop the redemption process currently taking place in Israel. It is a time when the third Temple, the house of G‑d, will soon be rebuilt in Jerusalem and open a great messianic time of redemption for Israel and for all the world.

The circumstances of these days that we are now living in are so similar to the times of the great revolt of the Maccabees in the year 135 BCE. Israel is fighting against the cruel terrorists of Hamas in Gaza. In the last year they continually sent missiles to destroy the houses and villages of Israelis near the Gaza Strip. But G‑d is with Israel, and just as in biblical times and as it has been since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, He has become the General and the Commander of the Israeli army.

Gershon Salomon speaking in the front of the tombs of the Maccabbes in Modi'in, calling the Israeli government to follow the heritage of the Maccabbees: to purify the Temple Mount and build the Temple.

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Rabbi Micah Peled, of the settlement of Beit Horan (which was liberated by the Maccabbees on their way to Jerusalem), is speaking to the people, calling Israel to answer the call of the G-d of Israel to immediately build the house of G‑d.

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On the other hand, there is a cultural pressure coming from outside of Israel urging us to give up our godly biblical identity. However, the message from the Faithful Movement during this march at Hanukkah was two-fold: first of all, we must remain faithful to the G‑d of Israel, to His eternal covenant with Israel, to His word and to His endtime plans. Secondly, like the Maccabees, we spoke in the ears of Israel and all the world, declaring that the Temple Mount can no longer be desecrated by the Muslim Arab enemies and that they should immediately be removed, the Temple Mount should be purified and the house of the G‑d of Israel should be immediately rebuilt for His Glory and for the future of Israel and all mankind. As long as the hill of G‑d is desecrated and in the hands of the Islamic enemy there will never be peace — not in Israel nor in any other place in the world.

This year's march gave the Hanukkah celebration a special and unique meaning in the midst of the terror coming against Israel. The light and the heritage that the Faithful Movement carried with them from Modi'in to the Temple Mount lit up the darkness of these times and brought great hope and strength to Israel and all over the world.

The march began in Modi'in. There the people stood before the tombs of the Maccabees and commemorated their heritage of 2,143 years ago. It was then that the Maccabees started the great revolt against the Hellenistic Greek empire, which occupied the Land of Israel and persecuted the Israelis. They forced them to accept their pagan Hellenist culture and faith. More than this, they placed their idolatrous stature in the holy of holies in the Temple in Jerusalem. It was at that critical moment that the G‑d of Israel raised up His messengers, the Maccabees. The revolt of the Maccabees started in the small village of Modi'in. The man chosen by G‑d to begin this revolution was the high priest Mattityahu V'Hashmonean, together with his five sons. Mattityahu was the high priest of the Temple. He could not fulfill his tasks, however, because the Greeks had stopped all Jewish worship in the Temple. Mattityahu V'Hashmonean, who represented the clean and holy spirit of Israel, could not accept this situation and he started the revolt. Soon the faithful people of G‑d in Modi'in joined him, and began the battle against the Greeks — the greatest empire at that time which controlled most of the world.

The campaign, as we said, started in Modi'in, a small village of priests, located 22 miles from Jerusalem. When they started the revolt, their first goal was to liberate Jerusalem, purify the Temple Mount, and renew the worship of G‑d. They began as a small group but the G‑d of Israel was with them. He fought with them and they had victory after victory, all the way to the Temple Mount. Along the way, more and more Israelis joined the army of the Maccabees. They were, however, still a minority compared to the great army of the Greek empire. Yet they came to Jerusalem after many great victories. They immediately went up to the Temple Mount and removed the pagan Greek idols from the hill of G‑d. They then purified the Temple and renewed the worship in the Temple. Once the Temple was liberated, they continued their campaign to liberate all the Land of Israel and to remove the pagan Greek enemy from the Land. They succeeded with this as well. Once again, the G‑d of Israel fought together with them and gave them victory after victory. Once the Greek enemy was removed from all the Land of Israel, the Maccabees began a campaign to re-educate the people who had accepted the Hellenistic, pagan culture, in order to bring them back to the G‑d of Israel. Not only did the Maccabees liberate the Temple Mount and re-establish worship in the Temple, and liberate all the Land of Israel, but they also saved forever the identity of the people of Israel, which was in great danger of being lost. The revolt and the campaign of the Maccabees is considered even today as one of the greatest moments of the appearance of the G‑d of Israel. For He had dedicated them to be a holy nation, a kingdom of priests, and a light to the nations, exactly as He had spoke to the people of Israel, seen in Exodus 19.5-6.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement considers itself to be a continuance of the Maccabees in this very special time in which we now live. The Faithful Movement is now engaged in the same campaign — a holy campaign — and the same battle — a holy, spiritual battle — to remove the Arab Islamic enemy from the Temple Mount, to purified it and to build the Temple of G‑d, that it will be a house of worship, love and prayer, not only for Israel, but for all the nations. This is exactly as G‑d spoke through His prophetic word in Isaiah 56. It is a message of the G‑d of Israel to His people at this time, the endtimes that we are now experiencing, as He shared with us through Isaiah (2.1-4), and through Micah (4.1-4). He said to Israel that in the last days, in the endtimes, the house of the L‑rd will be established on the highest of the mountains, and be exalted above the hills, and all the nations will flow to Jerusalem, to the G‑d of Jacob, to learn His ways, and Torah will go out from Jerusalem to all the nations of the world. Only then will real peace come to all mankind. All the nations will no longer learn war, they will change their weapons of war to agricultural vessels. The Kingdom of G‑d will be established, and His morals, His word, His principals, the moral way of life of G‑d will go out from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, to all the nations of the world.

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Reuven, a hero who was injured in one of the battles in the war of Israel, lighting the Hanukkiah at the tombs of the Maccabbee.

The destiny of all the world will be decided on the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem, exactly as in the time of the Maccabees. This is the message of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement today to the people of Israel and to all the world. As the Maccabees and King David did, let us go up to the hill of G‑d to liberate it, to purify it, and to immediately rebuild the Temple, in our generation, exactly as G‑d is expecting us to do, without delay. Two thousand years of destruction are enough. Hundreds of years of prayer and worship at the Western Wall, outside of the Temple Mount, is over. The Temple Mount Faithful Movement is calling Israel to go up to the Temple Mount, to build the house of the L‑rd, in order to begin the great messianic event — the coming of Mosiach ben David to Jerusalem. This is the message that we brought from Modi'in to the Temple Mount, to the people of Israel and to all the world.

This exciting event started, as we said above, in Modi'in. The members of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement, and the many Israelis who were joined to them, stood in the front of the tombs of Mattityahu and his five sons, and the tombs of his soldiers and followers that made this great revolution. In the front of the tombs we lit the Hanukkah menorah and commemorated the great event. We swore faithfulness to our godly heritage, calling to Israel to do what they had done in another time in the critical history of Israel, so similar to our time. Gershon Salomon, the head of the Temple Mount Faithful, spoke to the Arab and Islamic enemies of Israel the same message that Shimon the Maccabee, one of the five sons of Mattityahu, spoke to the Greek ruler of the Land of Israel when the Greek leader said that the Maccabees were going to take land that does not belong to them. Shimon the Maccabee told him, "We took not a foreign land, we took the land that G‑d gave us in an eternal covenant. This land was taken and occupied by you and other foreigners against the word of G‑d and now we are taking back the land that belongs to the God and the people of Israel." Gershon also spoke the godly message that Nehemiah gave to the Arabs in his time when they came to take Jerusalem and the land from the people of Israel:

"So said Nehemiah, 'Then I answered them, and said to them [the Arabs], "The G‑d of heaven will make us prosper and we His servants will arise and build but you have no portion, no right, no memorial in Jerusalem."'" Nehemiah 2.20

This is the same message to the Arab and Islamic enemies of Israel today that want to take Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and all the land of Israel, who want to destroy Israel and to stop the godly event of redemption of the people and the land of Israel.

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Some of the runners with the torch of the Maccabees on their way to jerusalem to light the Hanukkah menorah on the Temple Mount.

The marchers are coming from Modi'in to the Jaffa Gate in biblical Jerusalem.

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The Faithful marchers lighting the Hannukah menorah at the Jaffa Gate, demonstrating for the immediate rebuilding of the Temple.

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It was a very exciting moment. We could feel the Presence of the G‑d of Israel among the new Maccabee messengers in the land of Israel today. As we lit the Hanukkah menorah, we felt like Mattityahu, his sons, and the heroic Maccabees were with us together. Like them, our eyes and our hears were lifted to one place: Jerusalem and the Temple Mount — the place of the first, the second, and the soon-to-be built third Temple. After this exciting moment, the youth of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement lit the torch of the Maccabees and ran out of Modi'in and on to Jerusalem. The rest of the marchers then continued on their way from Modi'in, stopping at the tomb of Samuel, the great prophet who anointed King David. We lit the menorah in this place and proclaimed that we will continue what King David started 3,000 years ago. Finally, we arrived in Jerusalem, where we entered the biblical city through the Jaffa Gate. This is the same gate where the Maccabees entered into the city to liberate it from the control of the pagan Greek enemy. In the middle of the plaza of the Jaffa gate, we again lit the menorah. For us it was more than just a symbolic moment — lighting the menorah at the same place where the Maccabees began their great campaign. In this place we shared a message to our enemies, mainly to the president of Iran and his allies. In the past year he stated again and again that he is preparing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel in order to remove it from the map of the world. It was in this place that the Maccabees declared to their Greek enemies that they have no right in the land, telling them to go away and leave it to the people of G‑d. Gershon said to Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran, and to all the Islamic terrorist and Arab nations, "The G‑d of Israel is together with His people, and you'll have no chance to touch or destroy the people of G‑d, or to stop the march of the G‑d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to His holy city and to His holy hill that He may establish His Kingdom in His holy land — the land that He gave only to the people of Israel in an eternal covenant. Like all the enemies of Israel, you Ahmadinejad, and all the Arab, Islamic enemies of Israel, are going to be charged by G‑d, and like all the enemies of Israel that came against them in biblical times, you will be defeated by the G‑d of Israel and His faithful Israeli soldiers. You will be removed from the world like all the enemies of Israel in the past. What you prepare for Israel will be your destiny. The godly event of the redemption of Israel and Jerusalem will continue and will be soon completed. Then the light of the Hanukkah menorah, the light of G‑d, will light all the land of Israel and all the world and will open a great, godly time for all mankind.

From the Jaffa Gate, the Temple Mount Faithful marchers continued to the Temple Mount in the same way as the Maccabees. When we arrived at the Temple Mount, we swore what our forefathers swore 2,586 years ago after the destruction of the first Temple, and what our forefathers swore in the year 70 CE when the second Temple was destroyed. We swore, "If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember you let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest sorrow and joy" (Psalm 137.5-6). We swore it in the name of all the people of Jerusalem, and even in the name of so many brothers and sisters of Israel among the nations that stand today with such real and heroic faithfulness with the G‑d and the people of Israel at this critical time.

Marching from the Jaffa Gate to the Temple Mount on the narrow streets of the old city of Jerusalem, carrying the Hannukah menorah, which is designed like the Temple menorah.

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Robert, who recently made aliyah to Israel, is blowing the silver trumpets in front of the Hulda Gates. The sound covered the entire area of the Temple Mount. (In the background is the ancient city of David and the biblical village of Siloch.)

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Then, we went to light the Hanukkah menorah in front of the Hulda Gate, the main gates of the Temple Mount. This was the main entrance to the Temple Mount where millions of Jews came from the city of David and other places three times a year, as a pilgrimage. The Arabs blocked these gates after they occupied the Temple Mount. They blocked them, together with the Eastern Gate, because they know that the Messiah will come through them in the endtimes to his holy hill, to redeem Israel. They also know that the people of Israel will once again enter the Temple Mount through the Hulda Gate, so they blocked these gates. They believe that by doing this they can stop the coming of the G‑d of Israel and His Messiah back to His holy hill, to His holy Temple. Sometimes we feel that G‑d has made His enemies stupid, like in biblical times. They really believe that by blocking the Eastern Gate and the Hulda Gate, and by locating a cemetery in front of the Eastern Gate, that they can stop the coming of G‑d and His Messiah to their holy hill.

We stood in the front of the Hulda Gate with great excitement as we felt millions of Israelis walking on the same ground, on the same steps, back to the Temple Mount to worship in the Temple. We strongly felt the Presence of G‑d. His spirit was among us, as if He was telling us, "I waited for you for almost 2,00 years. Open the gates and build My house exactly as I told King David." We could also feel the presence of the spirit of King David among us. At this very exciting moment, for the very first time in the history of Israel, Israelis came to light the Hanukkah menorah — which is so similar to the Temple menorah — in the front of the holy gates of the Temple Mount. When we lit the menorah, our friends blew the two silver trumpets that the Faithful Movement reconstructed according to the biblical law to be used in the Temple. The sound of the trumpets was loud, and it was sent directly to the location of the Temple, in the middle of the Temple Mount. Gershon called upon the Israeli leadership and government and the people of Israel to immediately open the Hulda Gates for Israeli worshipers so that they might enter the Temple Mount in the same way that our forefathers had entered. He said for them to do it without delay as this is what G‑d has been expecting Israel to do for so many years. Gershon also called upon the people of Israel to stop praying and worshiping outside of the Temple Mount, near the Western Wall as it is an expression of exile and destruction. He called upon them to go up and pray and worship on the holy hill of G‑d, to immediately start building the Temple of G‑d. This exciting, godly event ended with the song of "Hatikvah — a song of great hope for Israel and all our wonderful friends around the world for the rebuilding of the Temple and the coming of Moshiach ben David in the life of our generation.

Everyone who reads this exciting report is called to read Psalm 122, to stand strongly with the G‑d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His messengers from the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement. We should always remember, and to pray again and again, the great prophecy of Zechariah, who shared with us the coming word of G‑d:

"Thus says the L‑rd of Hosts, Let your hands be strong, you who hear this in these days, these words by the mouth of the prophets who spoke in the day that the foundation of the house of the L‑rd of hosts was laid, saying, the Temple might be built ... so will I say to you and you shall be a blessing. Do not fear, Israel but let your hands be strong." Zechariah 8.9,13b

In the Almighty G‑d of Israel We Trust!

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