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An Urgent Call to the Nations: "Awaken Before Its Too Late!"

Terrified people End-Time prophesy is being fulfilled. Satanic powers are spreading quickly all over the world. We must immediately stop them with the fulfillment of the major godly vision of the prophet Isaiah. G‑d and His People Israel are now the only obstacles to stop and to defeat the evil Islamic terrorists who come from the East with an agenda to bring the entire world under the dominion of an Islamic caliphate.

Liberation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount During the Six Day War

Celebrating near the recently liberated Temple Mount Listen to what is perhaps one of the most riveting recordings in the modern-day history of Israel. Hear it live, as the Israeli Defense Forces enter and liberate Jerusalem's Old City, the Western Wall, and the Temple Mount during the 1967 Six Day War. Hear for yourself the sounds of gunfire, intermixed with the footsteps of IDF soldiers as they draw closer and closer to the Temple Mount. Finally, you will hear a triumphant Brigadier General Shlomo Goren as he sounds the shofar on the Temple Mount.

A Special Historical Demonstration and March of the Faithful Movement on Jerusalem Day

Two cornerstones for the soon-to-be built Temple
On Jerusalem Day (28th Iyar 5774/May 28, 2014), the Temple Mount Faithful will march to Jerusalem and call for the construction of the Third Holy Temple on the Temple Mount. They will also remind the world of when when Israel, with G‑d's help, defeated the Arab forces of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, together with the Soviet Union and the support of other countries.

Rebuilding the Holy Temple of G‑d — The 2014 Pesach March and Cutting of the Omer From the Fields of Israel

Cutting the Omer

On Pesach the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement made a Freedom Pilgrimage March to the Holy Temple Mount calling on the government of Israel to immediately build the Third Temple. On April 16th Gershon and three friends cut the Omer from the fields of Israel and brought it as an offering to the Temple Mount.

The Voice of the Temple Mount newsletter

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Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

Rachel Klein

Israel is G‑d's chosen land,
    Jerusalem — His holy city.
Yerushalyim — doubly sacred,
    One in Heaven — one on earth.

Yerushalem — complete and whole,
    her Temple filled with love and peace.
Her presence felt, embracing all,
    G‑d's Spirit, which will never cease.

Nations come, and conquerors go,
    wars directed to one place.
Evil spreading through the world, aimed against the Jewish race.

But we'll stand firm, our Temple's there,
    though the Mount, itself, is bare.
We'll guard and save her, through our faith,
    and she'll maintain her loving care.

Our goal ...

... the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in our lifetime in accordance with the Word of G‑d and all the Hebrew prophets, and the liberation of the Temple Mount from Arab/Islamic occupation so that it may be consecrated to the Name of G‑d.

Hatikva - The Video

This is the national anthem of Israel, depicting the struggles, triumphs, and faithfulness of the Jewish people in the land that God gave to them, according to the Scriptures.

The Streets of Jerusalem

Experience the holy land and visit Jerusalem, Israel. You will long to walk her ancient streets and pray where the walls cry out to heaven.

Fear Not, Thou Art Mine

Lyrics and music:
Christine A. Tilelli, 2002;
Sung and recorded:
Christine A. Tilelli

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