Shalom and welcome ...

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers of Zion, and Israel:

Gershon Salomon, Leadfer of the Temple Mount Faithul Gershon Salomon, thanks to G‑d, is back to work and active as the head of the Faithful Movement after recovering from his injury. Gershon thanks the G‑d of Israel and all of the many people from every corner of the world who stood with him and prayed and encouraged him during this challenging time. Thanks to your prayers and grace, he continues to serve the beloved G‑d of Israel, the Lovers of Zion, and everyone in the world.

A Thank You Letter From the Deep Heart of the Chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement

A heartfelt letter from Gershon Salomon, thanking those supporters around the world for their exciting blessings, love, and solidarity, and for their encouragement at this difficult time.

Is Succot 2015 Going to Be the Beginning of the Building of the Third Holy Temple?

The Two Cornerstones
The Temple Mount Faithful marched on Sukkot to the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem to make it the year that the cornerstone for the Third Holy Temple, that the Temple Mount Faithful Movement dedicated for the Third Holy Temple, will be laid on the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem and will begin the most major event of our time, the building of the Third Holy Temple and will make the dream and the hope of the Jewish people a reality in this year.

The Temple Will Be Rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Our Generation and No Terror Can or Will Stop It!

The Temple on the Temple Mount
The government of Israel gave-up the last pieces of Israeli sovereignty on the Holy Temple Mount by a shameful agreement by the Temple will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in our generation and no terror can or will stop it!

The Voice of the Temple Mount newsletter

Voice of the Temple Mount Faithful Magazine

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Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

Rachel Klein

Israel is G‑d's chosen land,
    Jerusalem — His holy city.
Yerushalyim — doubly sacred,
    One in Heaven — one on earth.

Yerushalem — complete and whole,
    her Temple filled with love and peace.
Her presence felt, embracing all,
    G‑d's Spirit, which will never cease.

Nations come, and conquerors go,
    wars directed to one place.
Evil spreading through the world, aimed against the Jewish race.

But we'll stand firm, our Temple's there,
    though the Mount, itself, is bare.
We'll guard and save her, through our faith,
    and she'll maintain her loving care.

Hatikva - The Video

This is the national anthem of Israel, depicting the struggles, triumphs, and faithfulness of the Jewish people in the land that God gave to them, according to the Scriptures.

The Streets of Jerusalem

Experience the holy land and visit Jerusalem, Israel. You will long to walk her ancient streets and pray where the walls cry out to heaven.

Fear Not, Thou Art Mine

Lyrics and music:
Christine A. Tilelli, 2002;
Sung and recorded:
Christine A. Tilelli

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